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Cute Little Fuckers- Princette Puppypus

Cute Little Fuckers- Princette Puppypus

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Princette Puppypus comes from a planet that is entirely covered in water, and so they love it when things are wet ,whether from your body or your favorite lube!

Our princette makes a great vibrating butt plug, and is also so much more. They make a great stand-alone vibrator with a ring of independently buzzing legs on one side and a larger curved vibrating head on the other. Princette Puppypus is a versatile and euphoric friend. This toy is very easy  to hold, the tentacles can hug sensitive areas. Princette nestles into the clitoral hood or you can plug your bum and vibe all night!

-High Quality Materials- 100% silicone,

-Soft silicone feel,

-Vibrate at 5 speeds and 5 modes; an incredibly strong vibrator,

-USB Rechargeable,



-Interchangeable vibrator

-Easy to clean

-Designed to be used in creative ways

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